Most expensive mobile phone in the world 2023

In 2023, the mobile phone market offers a range of high-end luxurious and user-attractive phones that are truly exceptional. These top-rated phones provide an extraordinary user experience, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable usage. Many individuals opt to own these world’s highest-rated phones, particularly for professional purposes.

When traveling, a significant number of users prefer capturing and sharing clear photos and videos using the best and most expensive smartphones available. By using one of these top-of-the-line smartphones, you can make your journey memorable and enjoyable, creating lasting memories during your vacation.

List of The 10 Most expensive mobile phone in the world

1. Vertu Signature Cobra

Vertu Signature Cobra

The Signature Cobra by Vertu is one of their best and most expensive smartphones. It came out in 2017 and it’s quite fancy. The phone itself has a gold body and there’s a fancy jeweled cobra around it with white diamonds and rubies.

The screen is 5.2 inches and shows high-definition images, with a resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels. The rear camera takes nice pictures at 21 megapixels, and there’s also a front camera with 2.1 megapixels. It runs on Android 5.1 and has 4G LTE for fast internet.

The phone has 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM. Nowadays, if you wanted to buy this phone, it would cost you at least $310,000.

2. Gresso Las Vegas JAckpot

Gresso Las Vegas JAckpot

This phone is like hitting the jackpot! It’s made of gold and has black diamonds, which altogether weigh 45.5 carats. The back of the phone is especially stunning because it’s crafted from wood sourced from a 200-year-old African tree.

The keys are also pretty special, with 17 sapphires etched with lasers and carefully polished by hand. What makes it even more unique is that only three of these phones were ever created, and each one has a different number engraved on the wooden panel. So, owning one of these means you have something truly one-of-a-kind.

3. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone used to be the world’s most expensive phone. It was designed by Aloisson and made by JSC Ancort. The phone is mostly solid platinum and has a rose gold logo and a home button.

It’s also adorned with fifty diamonds, including ten rare blue ones. The sides of the phone have a touch of Macassar Ebony wood. Apart from its luxurious looks, the phone’s software has special encryption technology to protect sensitive information.

4. iPhone 5 black diamond

iPhone 5 black diamond

In my opinion, this smartphone is incredibly expensive because it’s made of 135 grams of pure 24-carat gold. The price skyrockets because it has a massive chassis that’s handcrafted and decorated with 600 white diamonds, and even the Apple logo has 53 diamonds on it.

The screen is protected by sapphire glass, which is pretty fancy. The home button is unique too, as it’s replaced by a flawless black deep-cut diamond.

This black diamond weighs 26 carats and originally belonged to a Chinese businessman who asked luxury product maker Stuart Hughes to create this special phone.

5. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

If you’re not a fan of rose gold, you can get the same phone in platinum for the exact same price. The earphones priced at $300,000 are a must-have accessory. These amazing creations are made by Falcon, a top-tier company in the United States.

They keep raising the prices as they release new models, becoming more and more extravagant. The peak price reached a staggering $48.5 million.

The company’s backup plan is the bespoke line, with prices ranging from $32.5 million for a blue diamond to $42.5 million for an orange diamond. And for the ultimate display of luxury, the Supernova series offers a pink diamond topping all others

6. Diamond Rose edition of the iPhone 4

Diamond Rose edition of the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition, created by Stuart Hughes, was launched in 2010 and it looks incredibly luxurious. Only two of these phones were ever made, and they come in a fancy granite box.

In terms of performance, it’s top-notch, just like the regular iPhone 4, with 32 GB of storage and 512 MB of RAM. However, what makes it really special is the 553 diamonds used in its production, totaling a staggering 100 carats. This exclusivity comes with a hefty price tag, as the phone was sold for an astonishing $8 million when it was released.

7. Goldvish Le Million – $1.3 million

Goldvish Le Million

Goldvish is making headlines once again with their extraordinary dagger-shaped phone, which used to hold the Guinness World Record for being the most expensive phone.

The body of this phone is crafted from 18-karat white gold and adorned with stunning 120 carats of diamonds. Similar to the Jackpot, this phone called “Le Million” is an extremely limited edition, with only three pieces ever made.

8. iPhone 4s Elite Gold

iPhone 4s Elite Gold

Stuart Hughes is the ultimate luxury iPhone creator. He’s already crafted three of the priciest phones, and this one is almost at the top. It’s extra special because it’s all handmade and customized.

Just picture this: there are 500 diamonds around the edges, totaling a massive 100 carats! The phone’s back and even the Apple logo are solid gold, 24 karats to be exact. The logo itself shines with 53 diamonds! And hold on, the home button is absolutely breathtaking – it’s an enormous 8.6-carat diamond.

Plus, there’s an extra home button adorned with a 7.6-carat diamond, just in case! Now, brace yourself for the pièce de résistance: the box it comes in.

Can you believe it’s made of platinum? And wait, it’s topped off with polished pieces of real Tyrannosaurus Rex bone! Not only that, but it’s also adorned with rare gemstones like opals, charoite, and pietersite. This is luxury taken to a whole new level!

9. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Back in March, Trend Hunter introduced the Sony Ericsson Black Diamond phone. We were blown away by its incredible design, one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. And now, we have some exciting news!

The phone is going into production, and guess what? We finally know the price. Brace yourself: it’s a whopping $300,000. That’s quite a hefty amount for a phone without actual diamonds. But here’s the catch: only 5 units will be made each year.

Now, let’s talk about its features. This phone runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 and has a 2-inch display. It’s powered by a 400MHz XScale processor to ensure smooth performance. And that’s not all! It also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you can easily connect to other devices and the internet.

Plus, it comes with 128MB of memory, an SD memory slot for expandable storage, and even touch-sensitive keys for a modern touch.

10. IPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

IPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

In 2010, the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition was launched, showcasing Stuart Hughes’ luxurious design. This limited-edition phone is a real showstopper, and there are only two of them in existence.

The phone comes in a fancy granite box, adding to its exclusive appeal. When it comes to performance, it’s no slouch either. It has all the impressive features of the regular iPhone 4, such as a 32 GB storage and 512 MB RAM.

But what truly sets it apart is the mind-blowing 553 diamonds used in its production, totaling a staggering 100 carats! Unsurprisingly, this level of luxury comes with a hefty price tag. When it was released, this phone cost an astonishing $8 million.


From diamond-studded cases to rare and precious materials, these mobile phones redefine the concept of luxury. The exorbitant price tags associated with these devices reflect the exclusivity and unparalleled features they offer to a select few individuals who can afford them. Owning the most expensive mobile phone becomes a symbol of status, prestige, and a testament to one’s appreciation for exquisite design and technological superiority.

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