The Science-Backed Reasons Why Female Friendships are Essential

female friends

Did you know that having strong female friendships can actually increase your lifespan? It’s true! Despite this, it’s all too easy to take friendships for granted or even dismiss the importance of having female friends altogether. However, science tells us that the benefits of spending time with like-minded women are significant – physically, emotionally, and mentally – making prioritizing friendships entirely worthwhile.

While society places a huge emphasis on romantic relationships, female friendships remain the safety nets we fall into when we need help or support. Recent research has shown that the average female friendship lasts 16 years, which is six years longer than the average romantic relationship. And as we age, our friendships tend to last even longer – on average, 23 years by the time we turn 55!

So why are female friendships so important? According to research, having close friends can reduce stress, lessen the risk of melancholy and anxiety, and even assist to avoid chronic illnesses. Friendships can also provide a sense of belonging and purpose, particularly for women who may feel isolated or marginalized by society.

In short, there are countless reasons why we should prioritize our female friendships – and no better excuse for a girlie catch-up!

The Unique Qualities of Male and Female Friendships

It is often assumed that men and women are fundamentally different from one another. We think differently, act differently, solve problems differently, and are driven by different emotions. As women, we thrive on strong relationships with our girlfriends, which provide us with a safe space to share our problems, thoughts, feelings, and triumphs. Women are each other’s emotional support system – offering advice, lending a listening ear, and boosting each other’s confidence and self-esteem.

However, male friendships are distinct from female friendships. While men also value close relationships with their friends, they tend to focus more on shared activities and interests. Men are less likely to express their emotions in a vulnerable way and instead may bond over sports, games, or work.

Regardless of these differences, both male and female friendships have significant benefits for mental and physical health. Spending time with friends helps us to maintain our emotional equilibrium and reduce stress levels. Studies have shown that strong friendships can lead to a longer lifespan and a reduced risk of chronic illness.

While experts may advise women to spend time with their girlfriends twice a week to enjoy these benefits, there is no clear guideline for how frequently men and women should spend time with their friends. Finally, the most essential thing is to prioritise our friendships and ensure that these vital ties in our life are nurtured.

The Power of Female Friendships: Why They Are So Important and Beneficial

female friends

Female friends provides honesty and feedback

Trust is one of the pillars of good friendship, and female friends offer just that. We can rely on our close female friends to provide us honest advise and comments, even if it is tough to hear. This truthful reflection can help us gain clarity and see the bigger picture in any situation. Our female friends act as personal sounding boards who listen to our thoughts and ideas before offering their feedback. Whether we’re wondering about a romantic relationship, a new business idea, or simply what to wear on our next date, a female friend can offer invaluable support, perspective, and opinion.

But the benefits of female friendships go beyond just advice and feedback. Spending time with close friends has been proven in studies to reduce stress, cut the risk of sadness and anxiety, and even help avoid chronic illnesses. Women are each other’s emotional support system, providing a safe space to share our problems, thoughts, feelings, and triumphs. We boost each other’s confidence and self-esteem and lend a listening ear when needed.

The Surprising Benefits of Female Friendships: Fighting Stress and Boosting Mood

In a world that often emphasizes romantic relationships, it’s important to remember the power of female friendships. These relationships offer a degree of support, understanding, and connection that cannot be found anywhere else. So whether you’re catching up over coffee, going for a walk, or having a virtual chat, make sure to prioritize your female friendships and reap the countless benefits that come with them.

Female Friends Can Help You Live Longer

Women react differently to stress than males. According to studies, when women feel anxious, they tend to help and connect with people. This behavior is called “tend and befriend.” Spending time with female friends can help lower stress levels by reducing the hormone cortisol and increasing serotonin, which makes us feel good and helps fight depression. So, having close female friendships can help us feel better and cope with stress.

According to UCLA research, women tend to turn to their social circle when they face stress or trauma. This behavior has been found to protect their health and longevity. Spending time with close female friends can extend your life expectancy as much as exercise, good nutrition, and getting enough sleep. According to research, women who have close connections had a better chance of surviving breast cancer than isolated. Thus, prioritise your female connections and get the benefits they provide for your health and well-being.

The Reliability of Female Friendships

Having female friends means having a safe space where you can go whenever you need to talk, vent or cry. Your girlfriends will listen to you, share your feelings, reason with you and offer solutions that can improve your mood. Women are naturally empathetic, which allows them to understand and relate to the emotions of their friends. When we share with our close female friends, we feel seen, heard and understood, which can ease our emotional burden. This emotional support can make female friendships reliable and an important aspect of our wellbeing.

Female friendships and feminine energy

In a world that often values masculine traits like productivity and strength, female friendships offer a space to access and express our feminine energy. When we’re with other women, we can relax, tune in to our emotions, and follow our intuition. Feminine energy is resilient, kind, nurturing, and uplifting. Being with close girlfriends allows us to drop our guard and engage in fun, creative, and honest conversations. So much of our modern lives are spent in the doing mode, but being with female friends helps us to surrender to the joy of simply being.

female friends

The Strength of Female Friendship

Female friendships are a wonderful source of support and can help make us stronger. Our girlfriends build us up, boost our confidence, and remind us of our inner strength. They encourage us when we doubt ourselves and provide comfort when we feel down. As we grow older, our female friends challenge us to try new things, act as mentors, and push us to excel in all areas of life.

Female friendships are a powerful force of reassurance, joy, and honesty. They provide a secure environment for us to express our feelings, accomplishments, and disappointments. Our female friends are there to listen, to advise, and to provide a different perspective. They can help us navigate the ups and downs of life and remind us that we are never alone.

In short, female friendships make us stronger and help us become the best versions of ourselves.

Female Friends Help Fight Loneliness and Isolation

Up – close female connections are essential for women’s well-being because they alleviate emotions of loneliness and isolation. Spending time with girlfriends releases serotonin and oxytocin, the bonding hormones that help us thrive emotionally. In today’s world, where there’s pressure to always be connected through virtual communication, face-to-face interactions with close friends help us to simply be ourselves without outside pressure. Studies have shown that too much virtual connection can leave women feeling emotionally alienated. To prevent loneliness and isolation, it is critical to maintain real-life, in-person friendships. Female friendships create a caring and loving environment in which we may connect and feel understood, therefore improving our mental health and well-being.

The Beauty of Female Friendships on a Bali Women’s Retreat

Every week on our Bali Women’s Retreat, we witness the magic of female friendships forming. Although though each woman is unique and has her own narrative, we are united by common experiences and a sense of sisterhood.

Many of our guests come on retreat solo, which allows them to connect with others on a deep level without any judgement or labels. Being in a new environment also gives women the freedom to be themselves and share authentically. This vulnerability leads to strong bonds forming that can last a lifetime.

We believe that our retreat is a special place to meet like-minded women who can offer support not just during the retreat, but also on your journey beyond. The beauty of female friendships is that they can inspire us to be our best selves and provide a sense of community and belonging that is so important in life.

The Importance of Prioritizing Female Friendships

We have a particular link as women, and having strong female friendships is vital for our emotional and mental health. It might be difficult to maintain these friendships, but it is never too late to establish new friends or rediscover your tribe. You can start by inviting work friends out for coffee or lunch, or school moms over for a cup of tea or glass of wine. Joining new classes or attending local events is also a great way to meet new like-minded people.

These connections offer us with the emotional power to endure life’s obstacles by making us feel supported, encouraged, and nourished. Make it a point, if you haven’t already, to devote time and attention in developing your female connections. They are valuable and may have a significant influence on your life.

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