Top 10 Most Expensive Helicopters in the World

Helicopters have always fascinated aviation enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike. With their ability to hover, take off vertically, and maneuver in tight spaces, helicopters offer a unique and thrilling experience.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 most expensive helicopters in the world that showcase cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and luxurious amenities. So, fasten your seatbelts as we take off into the realm of extravagant rotorcraft.

Table of Contents

  • Airbus H225 Super Puma
  • Sikorsky S-92
  • AgustaWestland AW101
  • Airbus AS332 L1e VIP Super Puma
  • Bell 525 Relentless
  • Eurocopter EC175
  • Airbus Helicopters H155
  • Sikorsky S-76C
  • AgustaWestland AW139
  • Leonardo AW109

10. Leonardo AW109

Price:$6.3 million
Cruise speed:285 km/h
Range:503 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:10

The Leonardo AW109 is a light-twin helicopter employed for executive transport, search and rescue missions, and utility operations.

With its exceptional performance and spacious cabin, the AW109 ensures reliability and passenger comfort in various demanding environments. Whether it’s navigating through congested urban areas or conducting critical operations in remote locations, the AW109 delivers agility and efficiency while prioritizing the well-being of its occupants.

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9. Eurocopter EC175

Price:$7.9 million
Cruise speed:300 km/h
Range:680 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:16

The Eurocopter EC175 is a medium-sized helicopter preferred for executive transport, search and rescue operations, and utility missions.

It offers impressive performance and a spacious cabin, making it a versatile choice for various challenging environments. Whether it’s shuttling VIPs or conducting critical missions in demanding conditions, the EC175 provides a reliable and comfortable platform.

8. Airbus Helicopters H155

Price:$10 million
Cruise speed:324.14 km/h
Range:463 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:13 passengers or 2,301 kg

The Airbus Helicopters H155 is a medium-sized rotorcraft widely used for executive transport, search and rescue missions, and utility tasks.

It delivers exceptional performance and a comfortable cabin, catering to the needs of its passengers even in hot and high conditions. With its advanced technology and reliable capabilities, the H155 ensures smooth and efficient operations in various demanding scenarios.

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7. AgustaWestland AW139

Price:$12 million
Cruise speed:306 km/h
Range:573 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:15

The AgustaWestland AW139 is a medium-sized helicopter chosen for executive transport, search and rescue missions, and utility tasks.

It combines high performance with a comfortable cabin, providing reliability and versatility for various operations. The AW139 is trusted by operators worldwide for its ability to perform in challenging conditions while ensuring passenger comfort and safety.

6. Sikorsky S-76C

Price:$13 million
Cruise speed:287 km/h
Range:411 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:13

The Sikorsky S-76C is a medium-sized helicopter known for its versatility in executive transport, search and rescue missions, and utility operations.

It offers a spacious cabin and excellent performance, making it a reliable choice for demanding environments. Whether it’s transporting corporate executives or conducting life-saving operations, the S-76C combines comfort, reliability, and efficiency.

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5. Bell 525 Relentless

Price:$15 million
Cruise speed:287 km/h
Range:560 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:20

The Bell 525 Relentless is a large, twin-engine helicopter currently under development.

It aims to set new standards in helicopter performance, delivering unparalleled capabilities for search and rescue operations, offshore oil and gas missions, and military transport.

With advanced technologies and innovative design, the Bell 525 Relentless promises to push the boundaries of what a helicopter can achieve, providing enhanced safety, efficiency, and mission capabilities.

4. Airbus AS332 L1e VIP Super Puma

Price:$15.5 million
Cruise speed:277 km/h
Range:460 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:24

The Airbus AS332 L1e VIP Super Puma is a VIP version of the renowned Super Puma helicopter. It features a luxurious cabin, offering a comfortable and stylish travel experience for corporate executives and government officials.

With its exceptional performance and high-end amenities, the AS332 L1e VIP Super Puma combines functionality with sophistication, ensuring a seamless journey for its distinguished passengers.

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3. Sikorsky S-92

Price:$17.7 million
Cruise speed:280 km/h
Range:539 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:19

The Sikorsky S-92 is a medium-sized helicopter commonly employed for executive transport, search and rescue missions, and offshore oil and gas operations.

Its perfect blend of performance and comfort has made it a popular choice among private owners and operators. The S-92 offers a smooth and enjoyable travel experience while ensuring reliability and efficiency in demanding operational environments.

2. AgustaWestland AW101

Price:$21 million
Cruise speed:278 km/h
Range:750 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:38

The AgustaWestland AW101 is a large, twin-engine helicopter utilized for search and rescue, military transport, and VIP transport purposes.

With its exceptional performance and luxurious amenities, the AW101 caters to the diverse needs of its users. Whether it’s conducting critical missions or providing comfortable travel for VIPs, the AW101 delivers reliability, versatility, and a touch of elegance.

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1. Airbus H225 Super Puma

Price:$27 million
Cruise speed:260 km/h
Range:463 nautical miles
Crew/passenger capacity:24

The Airbus H225 Super Puma is a large, twin-engine helicopter widely used for various purposes including search and rescue, offshore oil and gas operations, and military transport.

With its exceptional versatility and ability to operate in harsh weather conditions, the H225 Super Puma is a reliable and trusted choice for missions that require robust performance and adaptability.


Owning one of the world’s most expensive helicopters not only signifies opulence but also provides access to cutting-edge technology and unrivaled performance. These rotorcraft represent the pinnacle of engineering and luxury, catering to the needs of discerning individuals and organizations worldwide. Whether for executive transport, search and rescue missions, or offshore operations, these helicopters redefine the boundaries of aviation excellence.

FAQs on Most Expensive Helicopters

  1. Are these helicopters only used by the super-rich?
    While some of these helicopters are favored by high-net-worth individuals, they also serve various purposes such as search and rescue, military transport, and utility missions.
  2. Can these helicopters be customized according to specific requirements?
    Yes, many helicopter manufacturers offer customization options to cater to the unique needs and preferences of their customers.
  3. Are these helicopters suitable for long-distance travel?
    Yes, these helicopters are designed to cover considerable distances with their impressive range capabilities, allowing for efficient long-distance travel.
  4. Do these helicopters require special training to operate?
    Yes, operating these helicopters requires proper training and certification. Pilots undergo rigorous training programs to ensure safe and proficient operation.
  5. How often do these helicopters require maintenance?
    Maintenance schedules for helicopters vary based on usage and manufacturer recommendations. Regular inspections and servicing are necessary to ensure their continued airworthiness.

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