Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code

Do you struggle to choose between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code? The ideal one for you is chosen by what you’re working on, your personal style, the languages you require, and the features you desire. There are various options for determining which one is ideal for you!

While both editors are produced by Microsoft, their names are equivalent. They do, however, have distinct characteristics. Several users appreciate Visual Studio, a text editor for developers. It has several useful capabilities for programming, debugging, and interacting. Visual Studio Code is a great opponent that you should not underestimate.

To determine which is preferable, consider what each can do, how much they cost, and how useful they are to you. You may then decide which one is ideal for you.

What exactly is Microsoft Visual Studio?
Is Microsoft Visual Studio an IDE?

VS is a Microsoft application that allows developers to create, modify, and correct code. You may also use it to publish the app you’re working on.

What separates Visual Studio is its ability to modify and repair code. It includes tools such as autocomplete, compilers, and visual designers to make app development easier.

Visual Studio aims to include everything a developer requires to create an app. It aims to be a tool with several features that is also extremely powerful and useful.

What Exactly Is Visual Studio Code?

VS Code, or Visual Studio Code, is a text editor that allows developers to personalize their working environment. VS Code is simple to install on any computer and is both lightweight and powerful.

Node.js, TypeScript, and JavaScript are all supported by VS Code. Plugins for additional languages such as C++, Java, C#, PHP, Go, and Python are also supported.

VS Code is similar to certain other text editors such as Atom, Sublime, and Text Wrangler, but it has more functions and is more complex.

If you’re a professional who wants to experiment with other programming languages, VS Code is ideal. It’s also beneficial for those who are just beginning to learn how to code.

In Pricing – Differences Between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code
When it comes to cost, there is a lot of disagreement between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code!

Visual Studio Code is free because it is open source, and many people work to ensure that it functions properly. This is ideal for small teams or independent developers looking to cut costs.

But, Visual Studio may be costly. It costs $45 per month or $1,199 for the first year. Following that, you must pay $799 each year to continue using it. The Enterprise edition of Visual Studio is much more costly, costing $250 per month, $5,999 per year, and $2,569 per year.

It’s worth noting that the Community edition of Visual Studio is completely free to use.

Why should one be selected instead of the other?

In the Visual Studio versus Visual Studio Code argument, most developers choose VS Code.
It is a code editor that works on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Because VS Code supports the Electron Framework, the apps created with it are lean and smooth when updated.
VS Code starts significantly faster than Visual Studio, making it more responsive. VS Code is flexible, and although being built as a code editor, it can perform the duties of an Integrated Development Environment.
It is streamlined and simple to use, making it the greatest choice for web development, with dozens of tools and extensions to make your job simpler.

The differences between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio is an application that is used to create computer programs, mobile apps, websites, web apps, and online services. It creates and manages native code using Microsoft’s software development platform, which includes Windows API, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms, Microsoft Silverlight, and Windows Store.

Microsoft Studio Code, on the other hand, is an all-in-one code editor that allows developers to write, modify, and debug code all in one spot. It supports many programming languages and does not require online support because everything is integrated within the editor.

As long as the correct tools are used, developers may utilize Visual Studio Code for any form of programming. It already includes JavaScript, Node.js, and TypeScript support. They may simply add extensions to support other programming languages such as Python, C#, PHP, Java, and others.

In the Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code dispute, VS Code is superior because it provides superior support, operates across all platforms, and is lightweight and powerful. It contains all of the functionality that a developer requires in one spot.


It is important to consider your individual requirements while deciding between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. If you typically deal programming or C#, Visual Studio is the best option because it is a strong IDE developed for these languages.

Visual Studio Code, on the other hand, is a superior choice if you deal with many programming languages or do cross-stack development. It is a lightweight, versatile, and feature-rich code editor that supports a variety of programming languages and operating systems.

While Visual Studio Code has grown in popularity among developers, Visual Studio remains the industry standard for complex programming needs.

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Some FAQs :

Q: What is the main difference between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code?
A: Visual Studio is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) primarily used for building Windows applications and enterprise-level projects. On the other hand, Visual Studio Code is a lightweight code editor with built-in support for a wide range of programming languages and frameworks.

Q: Which one should I choose for my project – Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code?
A: It depends on the nature of your project. If you’re working on a large-scale enterprise-level project, Visual Studio would be the better choice as it offers a wide range of features and tools that are specifically designed for building such projects. However, if you’re working on a smaller project or web development, Visual Studio Code would be a better fit.

Q: Is Visual Studio Code a lighter version of Visual Studio?
A: No, Visual Studio Code is not a lighter version of Visual Studio. They are two different products with different purposes. Visual Studio Code is a lightweight code editor, while Visual Studio is a full-featured IDE.

Q: Can Visual Studio Code be used for enterprise-level projects?
A: Yes, Visual Studio Code can be used for enterprise-level projects, but it may not be the best option for larger projects that require complex integrations, testing, and debugging. Visual Studio Code can be extended with a wide range of plugins and extensions, which makes it possible to customize it to meet your specific needs.

Q: Is Visual Studio Code completely free?
A: Yes, Visual Studio Code is completely free and open-source. It can be downloaded and used for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, it comes with built-in support for Git and other popular source control systems.

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