Why is USIC at My House? Understanding the Importance

USIC, which stands for US Infrastructure Corporation, is a prominent provider of underground utility location and damage prevention services in both the United States and Canada.

With a focus on locating, marking, and mapping underground utilities, including gas, electric, water, sewer, and telecommunications lines, USIC plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and reliability of essential services for communities.

This article delves into the reasons why USIC may visit your house, the significance of their services, and best practices to ensure smooth interactions.

The Role of USIC in Underground Utility Services

USIC boasts a reputable history of delivering secure and dependable services, with a commitment to safeguarding the public and the environment. As a member of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), a national non-profit organization promoting underground utility safety, USIC upholds the highest standards in the industry.

The Services Provided by USIC

Underground Utility Location and Marking

USIC’s primary responsibility is to locate and mark the underground utilities before any excavation or digging activities take place. This is mandated by law in most regions to prevent accidental damage to utility lines.

Gas Leak Surveys

USIC utilizes specialized equipment to detect and track gas leaks promptly, ensuring early detection and necessary actions to avoid potential hazards.

Private Locates

If homeowners wish to undertake a digging project without relying on the traditional 811 call, they can hire USIC for private locates. This service provides accurate information about underground utilities on the property.

Utility Mapping

USIC can map the underground utilities in a specific area, a valuable resource for construction projects or troubleshooting utility outages.

Utility Data Management

Proper data management is crucial for the efficient functioning of underground utility services, and USIC excels in handling utility-related information.

Training and Certification

USIC ensures that its personnel are highly trained and certified to perform their duties with precision and safety.

Common Reasons for USIC Visiting Your House

811 Call Response

One of the most common reasons for USIC’s visit is in response to an 811 call. By law, property owners must call 811 before starting any excavation or digging project. This call alerts utility companies, including USIC, to mark the location of their underground lines.

Gas Leak Investigation

In the event of a suspected gas leak, homeowners should immediately call 911. However, USIC may also be called in to investigate gas leaks using their specialized equipment.

Private Locates

Homeowners who prefer a more private approach to underground utility location can hire USIC to perform a private locate on their property.

Utility Mapping

USIC’s utility mapping services are invaluable for homeowners planning new construction or dealing with utility outages.

The Importance of USIC at Your House

Many states and local authorities have strict regulations requiring property owners to obtain USIC services before undertaking any digging or excavation work. This helps prevent accidental damage to underground utilities and ensures legal compliance.

2. Preventing Accidents

Hiring USIC services significantly reduces the risk of accidents during construction or digging activities. It protects homeowners, workers, and the community from potential harm and disruptions in utility services.

3. Avoiding Costs

The cost of hiring USIC services is minimal compared to the expenses involved in repairing damaged utilities. Investing in USIC’s expertise safeguards homeowners from significant financial liabilities.

The Process of Obtaining USIC Services

To obtain USIC services and accurate information about underground utilities at your property, follow these steps:

Contact the One-Call Center

Reach out to your local one-call center or use their online platform to request utility location services.

Provide Information

Be prepared to provide essential details, such as your property’s address, the type of work you plan to undertake, and the desired date for utility marking.

Wait for Markings

Utility companies, including USIC, will dispatch personnel to your property to mark the location of underground utilities using color-coded flags or spray paint.

Respect the Markings

Once the markings are in place, it’s essential to respect them and avoid digging or excavating within the designated area.

Best Practices for USIC at Your House

Plan Ahead

Contact the one-call center well in advance before starting any digging or construction project. Some regions require at least two business days’ notice.

Be Specific

Provide accurate and detailed information about your project to the one-call center. The more information they have, the better they can assist you.

Double-Check Markings

Before beginning any work, carefully inspect the markings to ensure their accuracy and notify the one-call center if you have any concerns.

Use Hand Tools

When digging within the vicinity of marked utilities, use hand tools instead of mechanical equipment to reduce the risk of damaging the lines.


USIC, as a trusted name in the underground utility industry, plays a critical role in safeguarding communities and infrastructure. Their services ensure that essential utilities remain reliable and safe, reducing the risk of accidents and damage during construction and excavation. As a responsible homeowner, contacting USIC before any digging or excavation is not only legally required in many areas but also a wise choice to protect your property and the environment.

FAQs on Why is USIC at My House

  1. What does USIC stand for?
    USIC stands for US Infrastructure Corporation, a leading provider of underground utility location and damage prevention services.
  2. What services does USIC offer?
    USIC provides services such as underground utility location and marking, gas leak surveys, private locates, utility mapping, utility data management, training and certification, and more.
  3. Why is it important to call 811 before digging on my property?
    Calling 811 before digging is essential to alert underground utility companies, including USIC, so they can mark the location of their lines and prevent accidental damage during excavation.
  4. How can I obtain USIC services?
    To obtain USIC services, contact your local one-call center or use their online platform to request utility location services.
  5. What are the best practices for working with USIC?
    Best practices include planning ahead, providing detailed information, double-checking markings, and using hand tools when digging near marked utilities to avoid damage.

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