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Top 10 Most Expensive Fursuits in the World

Fursuits are elaborate costumes worn by members of the furry fandom, individuals who have a keen interest in anthropomorphic animal characters.

These costumes range from simple designs to intricate, lifelike creations. While fursuits can vary in price, some are exceptionally expensive, reflecting the level of artistry, craftsmanship, and attention to detail involved in their creation.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 most expensive fursuits, each one a masterpiece in its own right.

Table of Contents

  • Roar Dragon by Zaranthus Dragon ($30,000)
  • Kobuk by Clockwork Creature ($14,000)
  • Wildmutt by MixedCandy ($12,000)
  • Asher by Noble Wolf Studios ($10,000)
  • Spartan by FurItUp Studios ($9,000)
  • Nova by More Fur Less ($8,000)
  • Dagger by Don’t Hug Cacti ($7,500)
  • Smilodon by Kage Creations ($7,000)
  • Barnaby by Skyehigh Studios ($6,500)
  • Kemono by MonStar Workshop ($6,000)

10 Most Expensive Fursuits

Here are 10 Most Expensive Fursuits:

10. Kemono by MonStar Workshop

Price: $6,000
Specialty: 3D character creation software for designing kemono characters


Kemono is a 3D character creation software developed by MonStar Workshop. Priced at $6,000, it allows users to design realistic and stylized 3D kemono characters. The software finds its application in commercial projects such as video games or animated films, as well as personal endeavors like creating characters for stories or games. Kemono empowers users to unleash their creativity and bring their unique characters to life.

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9. Barnaby by Skyehigh Studios

Price: $6,500
Specialty: A language model chatbot trained on a massive dataset of text and code


Barnaby is not a fursuit but rather a large language model chatbot created by Skyehigh Studios. Although it is not a physical costume, Barnaby has its place on this list due to its price. Priced at $6,500, Barnaby is trained on a massive dataset of text and code, making it a powerful tool for generating text, translating languages, and answering questions. Whether for business or personal use, Barnaby offers a range of applications, including generating marketing copy, writing product descriptions, or assisting with creative writing.

8. Smilodon by Kage Creations

Price: $7,000
Specialty: Realistic saber-toothed tiger design with intricate fur patterns

Source: Pinterest

The Smilodon fursuit features a realistic saber-toothed tiger design with intricate fur patterns. The lightweight foam head ensures ease of movement, and the teeth, made from durable plastic, add to the overall authenticity. The hand-sewn and dyed fur creates a strikingly realistic appearance. Smilodon is a stylish and impressive choice for furries who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship involved in fursuit creation.

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7. Dagger by Don’t Hug Cacti

Price: $7,500
Specialty: Stylized anthropomorphic dragon design with unique horns

Source: Pinterest

Dagger fursuit showcases a stylized anthropomorphic dragon design with detailed airbrushing and unique horns. The high-quality faux fur ensures a soft and comfortable wearing experience. The lightweight foam head allows for easy movement, and the horns, made from plastic, add a touch of individuality. Dagger is a distinctive and attention-grabbing fursuit that appeals to those looking for a truly unique costume.

6. Nova by More Fur Less

Price: $8,000
Specialty: Dragon-inspired design with intricate scales and LED effects

Nova pi
Source: Pinterest

Nova is a fursuit with a dragon-inspired design that features intricate scales, LED effects, and a moving jaw. The lightweight foam head allows for effortless mobility, and the scales, made from plastic, contribute to its stunning appearance. The customizable LED effects in the eyes and scales provide a range of captivating visual displays. Nova combines style and functionality, making it an appealing choice for furries seeking a unique and impressive fursuit.

5. Spartan by FurItUp Studios

Price: $9,000
Specialty: Fully articulated and armored body suit inspired by Spartan warriors

Source: Pinterest

Inspired by the legendary Spartan warriors, the Spartan fursuit is a fully articulated and armored body suit. Crafted from metal and leather, the helmet and armor pieces lend an authentic touch to the costume. The high-quality faux fur used for the body suit ensures both comfort and visual appeal. The lightweight foam head allows for easy movement, completing the formidable Spartan look. This fursuit is a unique and eye-catching choice for those who want to make a powerful impression.

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4. Asher by Noble Wolf Studios

Price: $10,000
Specialty: Custom-made fursuit portraying a realistic gray wolf character

Source: Pinterest

Asher is a custom-made fursuit portraying a realistic gray wolf character. It features a highly detailed head with a moving jaw, allowing for enhanced expressiveness. The fur is made from high-quality faux fur that is both soft and comfortable to wear. The lightweight foam head ensures ease of movement, and the clear plastic eyes add depth to the character. Asher is an excellent choice for furries seeking a high-quality, comfortable, and stylish fursuit.

3. Wildmutt by MixedCandy

Price: $12,000
Specialty: Inspired by the character from “Ben 10” with extensive sculpting

Inspired by the character from the animated series “Ben 10,” Wildmutt fursuit captures the essence of this beloved character. It boasts extensive sculpting and realistic fur patterns. The lightweight foam head enables easy movement, and the teeth are made from durable plastic. The hand-sewn and dyed fur achieves a strikingly realistic look. Wildmutt appeals to fans of the series and represents a fantastic way to display affection for the character.

2. Kobuk by Clockwork Creature

Price: $14,000
Specialty: Realistic polar bear design with animatronic eyes

Source: Pinterest

Kobuk is a full-body fursuit that showcases a realistic polar bear design. Its mechanical head features animatronic eyes, adding a lifelike quality to the costume. The fur, made from genuine polar bear fur, contributes to its higher price point. The lightweight metal frame of the head ensures smooth movement, while the meticulously hand-sewn and dyed fur creates an incredibly realistic appearance. Kobuk is a conversation starter and a remarkable piece of craftsmanship.

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1. Roar Dragon by Zaranthus Dragon

Price: $30,000
Specialty: Most expensive fursuit ever made

The Roar Dragon holds the distinction of being the most expensive fursuit ever made. This full-body suit features a realistic dragon design with intricate scales, LED effects, and a moving jaw. It took over a year to complete and is crafted from the highest quality materials. The lightweight foam head allows for easy movement, while the scales, made from real leather, add an extra touch of authenticity. The customizable LED effects in the eyes and scales allow for a variety of stunning visual displays. The Roar Dragon is truly a one-of-a-kind fursuit that never fails to capture attention.


The world of fursuits is a testament to creativity, craftsmanship, and the passion of the furry fandom. The top 10 most expensive fursuits featured in this article represent the pinnacle of artistry and dedication, each one embodying a unique character brought to life. From the magnificent Roar Dragon to the stunning Kemono software, these creations showcase the diverse possibilities within the world of fursuiting.

FAQs on Most Expensive Fursuits

  1. Can I purchase these fursuits?
    Yes, most of the fursuits mentioned are available for purchase, but availability may vary. Contact the studios or creators for more information.
  2. How long does it take to make a fursuit?
    The time required varies, ranging from weeks to months, depending on complexity, customization, and the fursuit maker’s workload.
  3. Can I customize the design of a fursuit?
    Yes, many fursuit makers offer customization options. Discuss your preferences and any associated costs directly with the maker.
  4. Are there more affordable fursuit options?
    Yes, fursuits are available at different price points. Prices depend on complexity, materials, craftsmanship, and the maker’s reputation.
  5. What materials are commonly used in fursuit construction?
    Fursuits are typically made with faux fur, lightweight foam, plastic, leather/fabric, and may include wiring/electronics for special features.

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